Finance Case

Client: Asobancaria
Sector: Big Corporations
Segment: Finance
Location: Bogotá

Asobancaria is the representative association of the Colombian financial sector. Its mission is to represent and defend the interests of its members, 38 financial institutions, including Bancolombia, JP Morgan and Wells Fargo.

Due to its mission, Asobancaria has to permanently communicate different types of messages. Public Service Announcements (PSA), explaining new measures that involve the financial sector, accountability communication campaigns such as sustainability reports, testimonials, performance results of financial products, amongst others.
Today we can say that Asobancaria finds in us:

1- Creativity: By developing communication campaigns from scratch, we help them find key concepts that subsequently become the base to developing different types of communications related to specific matters to the public opinion for several months.

2- Top quality 2D animation: Each animated video that we produce for Asobancaria goes through a rigorous creative process, involving its advertising-, public relations- and digital agencies as well as communications leaders of the association’s members and internal leaders. This calls for assertive videos, tailor-made, and responding to the needs of all the stakeholders involved in each project.

3- Investment optimization: By having a more flexible infrastructure than a large agency, we fall into the category of boutique agency and can provide a high level of service at a more competitive price.
If you are the CMO / Marketing Manager / Communications Manager / Digital Content Manager of a corporation and you would like to work with a creative team committed to achieving results that satisfy all your stakeholder’s needs, prepared to make optimal use of your investment and is used to colaborating with all kind of communication agencies, request a free assessment now!