Animated Videos

Client: Magmic

Industry Segment: Startups / SMEs

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Magmic is a developer and publisher of mobile video games. They develop their own videogames and publish licensed video games.

Based on its business model, Magmic has a strong online marketing strategy which includes multiple type A / B tests to better understand the target market for each of its games. We help Magmic by producing several animations monthly, taking care of all the brand aspects of each of their games, quickly, with attention to detail, and at a competitive price. 

Today we can say that Magmic finds in us:

1- Agility and Control: since we agreed to a retainer fee, we are saving a significant amount of time avoiding the quoting process so every time they have a requirement, we put ourselves directly to  work and by the end of the month we prepare a review of the hours consumed.

2- Quality: since we put at their disposal an interdisciplinary team consisting of a creative direction, project management, art direction, graphic design and illustration, animation, sfx, and video editing, the final product fits perfectly with Magmic’s quality expectations.

3- Optimizing time and costs. By understanding Magmic’s business, we are aware which projects need special attention to detail and which don’t. Therefore, we can optimize time and costs for each of their assignments. We are aware that some of those videos are created exclusively to validate assumptions, which is why multiple formats, sizes, layouts are required and they need to be very low cost.

If you are the CMO / CEO of a startup or SME and you would like to have a creative team that helps you strengthen your content strategy with animations tailored to your business needs, request a free assessment now!